3 Reasons to Pay More for Precision Miniature Aluminum Extrusions

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The old adage “you get what you pay for” has been used and overused time and again. But like many cliches there’s an underlying truth. Every business has to provide more value to their customers just than the cost of the goods or services they provide. If they don’t, their customers will look for other suppliers who provide more value. Paying more for a precision miniature aluminum extrusion has its benefits and here are 3 reasons why you should do just that.



Hollow extruded shapes for bicycle rims can be designed to minimize weight, maximize strength, and improve performance. Below are examples of 2 bike rim designs. As you can see the one on the right has been engineered to take advantage of precision aluminum extrusion capabilities. It is 14% lighter and is more aerodynamic than the commercial rim on the left.

Make the Impossible Possible

The medical device extrusion below was originally produced from a stainless steel rod. The rod was cut to shape a using wire EDM. The cost and lead time to manufacture the parts would not allow for a successful ramp up of production quantities, which was not an ideal scenario. A precision extrusion was developed over an 18-month period that allowed for the successful commercial production of the device, at a substantially lower price and shorter lead time than the stainless-steel version.

Reduce Production Costs

Precision tolerances reduce machining time, lower scrap costs, and can allow for “lights out manufacturing.” Picatinny Rails (MIL-STD-1913 Rail) were developed as a standardized mounting platform for telescopic sights and accessories on firearms. A commercial extrusion is shown on the left. It requires a secondary machining step to meet the mounting system design requirements. In contrast a precision extrusion, show on the right, can be manufactured to the precise dimensions and tolerances without additional machining.

Precision aluminum shapes and extruded tubing cost more than commercial extrusions. The cost savings in machine time, scrap reduction, and increased performance more than outweigh the cost differential of the raw material. Profile Precision Extrusions’ new and existing customers are buying over 200 new extrusion designs each year.


Contact us today to find out how precision miniature extrusions and extruded tube can allow you to manufacture the impossible, increase the performance of your design, or lower your overall cost to manufacture. Profile Precision Extrusions would love to help with your unique challenge!