Who Uses Profile Precision Extrusions

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As we’ve discussed in previous posts, aluminum shapes and extruded aluminum tube are used extensively in modern aircraft. Aluminum’s weight to strength ratio has been important to aviation reaching all the way back to the Wright Brothers. Profile Precision Extrusions supplies extruded aluminum shapes and tubing for a wide variety of applications, principally within the aircraft interior.

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Looking Back on Precision Miniature Aluminum Extrusion

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The beginning of a new year is a good time to look back & reflect on the previous one. For Profile Precision Extrusions 2017 was eventful:

  • Installation of a new extrusion press
  • Purchase of a new CNC machining center
  • Hiring new team members to join our merry band of miniature aluminum extrusion experts
  • Achieving a new record for total yearly shipments
  • We also made a few of mistakes which we learned from, and will use to our customers advantage in the future

What a great year! In 2018 we’ll continue to expand the definition of Precision Miniature Aluminum Extrusion.

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Looking at Things Differently with PPE

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At Profile Precision Extrusions, we look at things a bit differently than the rest of our industry. We value ourselves in taking on projects that others shy away from or deem “impossible”. We look for reasons to say YES rather than no. The reason is simple; taking on challenges allows us to learn. Things that we learn on one project can then be applied to future projects.

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What is a Miniature Aluminum Extrusion?

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If you were to look up the definition of a miniature aluminum extrusion, you’d be hard-pressed to find it, even in the Aluminum Association Standards and Data, the extrusion industry’s largest and most comprehensive publication. Should one consult the publications’ section 5 Terminology, you would find the definitions of “Mike Mark” and “Mismatch” but no entry or definition of Miniature Aluminum Extrusion. Delving further into the publication, section 11 is titled “Wire, Rod, Bar, Profiles – Extruded.” The closest the publication comes to mentioning miniature extrusions is in Table 11.2 Cross Sectional Dimensional Tolerances, shown below.

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