Looking at Things Differently with PPE

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At Profile Precision Extrusions, we look at things a bit differently than the rest of our industry. We value ourselves in taking on projects that others shy away from or deem “impossible”. We look for reasons to say YES rather than no. The reason is simple; taking on challenges allows us to learn. Things that we learn on one project can then be applied to future projects.

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Extrusion Minimum Order Size

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Every day at Profile Precision Extrusions, we review new aluminum tube and shape designs. Early on in our discussions with designers, we are asked about our minimum order size policy. Most designers are surprised that we do not have a minimum order size requirement! They are surprised because the majority of manufacturers do have a minimum order requirement. This minimum is usually between 500 and 1,000 pounds of extrusion. Customers benefit from our ‘no minimum order requirement’ in many ways. One of the benefits is that our customers get just the right amount for prototyping- only having to order what is needed during pre-production, rather than ramping up to full production.

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Advantages of Aluminum for the Medical Device Industry

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Profile Precision Extrusions manufactures a wide range of custom aluminum extrusions for the medical device industry. We produce extruded solid shapes for research equipment, hospital room equipment, and furnishings. We also extrude aluminum tubes for disposable surgical devices and diagnostic tools. Many of the engineers we work with contact us as a last resort, having been unsuccessful using stainless steel, titanium, or plastics.

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Aluminum Extrusion Inspection Tools

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A very important part of the aluminum extrusion production and quality assurance process is verifying the parts we manufacture meet the dimensional requirements of the customer. Components that are manufactured properly and within tolerance ensure the products are easy to assemble, work as the designer intended, and are reliable.

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