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What is a Miniature Aluminum Extrusion?

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If you were to look up the definition of a miniature aluminum extrusion, you’d be hard-pressed to find it, even in the Aluminum Association Standards and Data, the extrusion industry’s largest and most comprehensive publication. Should one consult the publications’ section 5 Terminology, you would find the definitions of “Mike Mark” and “Mismatch” but no entry or definition of Miniature Aluminum Extrusion. Delving further into the publication, section 11 is titled “Wire, Rod, Bar, Profiles – Extruded.” The closest the publication comes to mentioning miniature extrusions is in Table 11.2 Cross Sectional Dimensional Tolerances, shown below.

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Larger Precision Aluminum Parts Now Possible With New Presezzi Extrusion Press

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We are in the final exciting days of a 13-year journey to expand the manufacturing envelope of miniature precision aluminum extrusions. Profile Precision Extrusions announced in May that we had ordered a new extrusion press from Presezzi Extrusion based in Italy. On December 16th our new press will produce its first aluminum extrusion. Naturally we’re more than a little excited to see it run. It’s the first new aluminum extrusion press specifically built for the miniature aluminum extrusion and tube industry.

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