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Profile Precision Extrusions manufactures complex extruded aluminum shapes that meet the demanding requirements of our customers. We set ourselves apart from others in our industry because of our ability to produce aluminum extrusions that require close tolerances, a small design envelope, or both.




Aluminum Alloys 1000,2000,3000,6000 and 7000 Series. Note that 2000 and 7000 Series are offered for solid geometries. Other alloys will be considered upon request.
Circle Size Up to 3-1/2″ circle size
Weight As light as .005 lbs./ft.
  • Dimensions as low as .001″
  • Bow, Twist, Straightness 1/2 commercial
  • Wall thickness: as thin as .010″
Wall Thickness As thin as 0.020″
  • Precision cutting(+/-0.005″)
  • Punching
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • CNC machining
  • Hand and tumble deburr
  • Clear & Stain anodize (type II)
  • Hard coat anodize (type III)
  • Brite dip anodize
  • Chem Film (clear and yellow; RoHS compliant)
  • Powder coat paint


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