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  • Profile Precision Extrusions is the global leader in manufacturing high quality extruded aluminum tubing and custom hollow.

    We offer our customers

    • Low tooling cost
    • Reduced machining or elimination of secondary operations like honing
    • Ability meet or exceed the Aluminum Association dimensional requirements for drawn aluminum tube
    • Flexible manufacturing with no minimum order size
    • Lead times as short as 3-4 weeks


    Tubing Options


    Tube Shapes Round, Oval, Square and custom
    Cut Lengths 0.250" - 240.00"
    Tube Coating Options Clear & hard coat anodizing, chemical conversion coating and powder coating
    Tolerances Outside diamter:* +/0.003".
    Inside Diameter:" +/-.001"
    *Dependent Upon tube size ordered
    Stocked Alloys 6061, 6063, 3003, 1100, 7075. Other alloys available upon request
    Available Tempers F,0,T4,T5,T6,H112

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  • Profile Precision Extrusions are experts at SMALL, and we specialize in extruding aluminum tubes that are small in diameter with close tolerances. The smallest aluminum extruded tubes that we have ever produced had an outside diameter of .094" and an outside diameter tolerance of +/-1.0005".

    Our small diameter extruded aluminum tube offers near machine tolerances that are utilized in divers industries such as aerospace, medical, electronics, firearms and industrial. For many of the customers in these industries, we make telescoping aluminum tubes, oval aluminum tubing, and square extruded tubes.

    Profile Precision Extrusion also manufactures extruded aluminum tube with complex internal profiles for a variety of applications such as laparoscopic surgery and satellite cooling systems that require high dimensional accuracy.


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  • Profile Precisions Extrusions also specializes in producing thin wall aluminum tubing. We have the capability to extrude aluminum tubing with wall thicknesses starting as thin as .010".

    Aluminum alloy selection plays a significant role in our ability to produce thin wall aluminum tubing. We use the following alloys:


    Aluminum Alloy Minimum wall thickness
    1101 or 3003 0.020"
    6063 0.025"
    6061 0.030"


    There are no minimum order size requirements, custom aluminum tubing can be ordered in quantities from 20 - 20,000 feet.

    If you are working on a new product we will provide free samples with the purchase of the extrusion die. Tooling costs generally ranage from $1000 - $1500 and expected lead times for extruded aluminum tube dies are around 3 weeks.

    We ship weekly to Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seatlle, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Minneaplis, Dalls-Fort Worth, Houston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and ship regularly to Ireland, Costa Rica, China, Canada and Mexico.
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Aluminum Extrusion Process