Extrusion Design Tips

Aerospace Alloys

2014, 2024, 7075 & 7050 require special processing and heat treating.

We have a limited capability to extrude and process these alloys. If we cannot extrude your design due to our capabilities we will be happy to give you a referral.

Critical Dimensions

Be sure to identify the 1-2 most critical dimtensions, and tolerances required.

Cosmetic Surfaces

Be sure to identify the surfaces that are cosmetically import.

Part Size

The parts we manufacture need to fit in a 3.50” circle









Minimum Wall Thickness:
Alloy Minimum Wall Thickness
3003 .020”
6063 .025”
6061 .030”


Extrusion Types






Uniform Wall Thickness

Uniform wall thicknesses are less costly to extrude








Rounded Fillets & Corners

Rounded corners & fillets are easier to extrude than sharp ones.








Joining Methods











Tongue Ratio













Symmetrical parts are easier to extrude










Tooling Costs
Shapes Type Average Cost Lead Time
Solid $550 2 Weeks
Semi Hollow $1150 2-3 Weeks
Hollow $1350 3 Weeks


Lead Times

Typical Lead Time for Mill Finish Extrusions: 3 weeks

Process Additional Lead Time
Cut-to-Length or Deburr 1 Week
Anodize 1 Week
Machining 1-2 Weeks Depending on complexity