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What We Can Do For You


Prototypes Delivered Quickly

Our experience in extrusion & fabrications allows us to:

  • Work closely with your design team to meet your most critical needs.
  • Deliver prototypes quickly once your design is finalized.

Improve Supply Chain

We save you time & hassle by simplifying the manufacturing value chain:

  • No minimum order size
  • Eliminate costly machining
  • Kanban & Consignment programs

Extrusions They Say Can’t Be Done

When we say we are experts at SMALL, we mean it!

  • Wall Thickness .010"
  • Tube OD: .094"
  • OD TOlerance: +/- .0005"
  • Area:.004 In2

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Jerry, the review of the initial 10 pieces is complete with no issues noted. Of particular note is both the effectiveness of the deburring and of the corner/edge break and the consistent appearance of the anodizing finish. Thanks again for the prompt turnaround on this request…

  • Awesome company to work with. Profile Precision Extrusion excels in all aspects and is an outstanding supplier.

    Tony S
  • PPE has been providing us with precision extrusion for two years. PPE has consistently held tighter tolerances than other extrusion suppliers. They also have had “0” rejects and no late deliveries during the past two years. I would highly recommend PPE for your precision extrusions.

    Rick M
  • The extrusions arrived today. You have exceeded my expectations. They look great and were very well packaged. Great job. More orders coming soon!

    Tim A
  • It has been great working with you. It’s hard to find someone that is a dedicated to quality as you have been.

    Tom B
  • Working with quality Vendors is not always easy in the world of Aerospace. It is a pleasure and privilege to work with Profile Precision Extrusions. The flexibility offered through standard and consignment purchase orders exceeds our expectations. Not to mention the contacts we work with. Al and Dave are a pleasure. With their attention to detail and to our specific needs, we know that our customers will be satisfied with the product. Thank you, Al and Dave. Keep up the good work.

    Eliza G

How Small?

Our proprietary technology allows us to extrude tube with an outside diameter as small as .094"

How Thin?

We extrude aluminum with a wall thickness as thin as .010"

How Precise?

We supply extruded aluminum tubing with OD tolerances of +/- .0005"

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