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Aluminum Alloys

Profile Precision Extrusion manufactures extruded aluminum tubes and extruded shapes from the following aluminum


Alloy Strength Anodize Response Machinability Typical Applications
1100 Low C E Multi-Hollows, Electrical Conductivity
3003 Low C D Flexible Tubing, Heat Transfer
6063 Medium A C LED Lighting Fixtures, Heat Sinks
6061 Medium B B Paint Ball Gun Barrels, Telescoping Driveshafts
7075* High D A Structural Aircraft Components, Firearms


Scale: A through E, A = best
* Available in solid shapes only
Other alloys available upon request. Contact Us


Alloy Tempers Available
Temper Description
O Full soft (annealed)
F As fabricated
T4 Solution heat treated and naturally aged
T5 Cooled from hot working and artificially aged (at elevated temperature)
T6 Solution heat treated and artificially aged
H112 Strain hardened (applies to 3003 only)

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