Aluminum In The News

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Aluminum extrusions are increasingly in the news as engineers and designers find more applications for this flexible metal. Recently, the Aluminum Extruders Council announced the winners of its annual Aluminum Extrusion Student Design Competition.

The winners designed a mobile experiment station that uses an

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Aluminum Extrusion Design: 5 Things to Think About Before Starting Your Next Design

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5 Things to Think About:

  1. Critical Surfaces
  2. File Types To Submit For Review
  3. Dimensional Variation From End To End
  4. Rectangular Tube Tolerances
  5. Corner Radii

Every day Profile Precision Extrusions reviews aluminum extrusion designs. In many cases, we asked for additional information from the designer. These are the most common:


Critical Surfaces can be defined in a number of different ways. Some may be critical to the cosmetic appearance

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Why Aluminum Extrusions are better than Stainless Steel: 6 Reasons to choose Aluminum over Stainless for your next Design


Aluminum possesses unique properties which makes it a great choice for the design engineer. Aluminum extrusions are available in an unlimited number of shapes, colors and physical properties to fit almost any requirement. When compared to stainless steel, aluminum’s flexibility easily make it the better

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